Escribe Publishing

We are Escribe Publishing Inc.  We serve the greater New York City area, and we work with writers who have a passion, dreams and a storyto tell. We also challenge the conventions about who gets to be published. We believe published writers contribute to the greater good whether they are academics, lawyers, accountants, mathematicians, poets or chefs.

What We Do

  • Review and edit manuscripts
  • Arrange ISBN acquisition and listing in "Books in Print"
  • Design book covers (front and back)
  • Provide proofs for author review
  • Distribute author copies (Our authors receive five free copies)
  • Select distribution channels, both local and international
  • Distribute books through major retail book distributors, i.e.
  • Distribute 60% of earned royalties to our authors
  • Prepare quarterly royalties and sales reports
  • Prepare publicity kits and arrange publicity event(s)


"We are challenging the rules about who gets to be published."

Diane Martin

President and CEO, Escribe Publishing Inc.


For more information, contact us at (212) 726-2118






 Last Update: April 5, 2014