Spring 2014

About the Book

"This devotional journal is a powerful and inspirational tool for anyone navigating the path of recovery. Anyone struggling with addictions can discover and recover their lost self through this deeply personal journey. I would recommend it as a supportive guide in the most essential work of self- renewal."

 Marian Viviano, LCSW, Psychotherapist


About the Book

"Be prepared for a warm welcome to the world of John A Brennan, an unapologetically enthusiastic Irish raconteur who has found his place in the spoken word scene in and around New York City of late. In his book Don’t Die with Regrets, we join the author racing page by prose page through anecdote and apocrypha—poems too—as he invites us to join in his wild embrace of Irish mist-enshrouded historicity."

George Wallace

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About the Book

"Great way to end a work day. This book and a glass of wine."

Renee Hernandez




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