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In 1984 a former editor at the Missouri Review published a five-page excerpt from Mary Bringle’s originally typed manuscript of The Children’s Bullet, and described it as “the chronicle “of an American woman, Mary Flynn, who is startled from a vaguely empty and dissatisfying life by a newspaper account of the death of a child, also named Mary Flynn, in Belfast. The child has been killed by a plastic bullet, of the type used for riot control. So begins an odyssey into her Irish heritage and into an absorption with the violent social and political upheaval in Northern Ireland. Traveling to Belfast, she is befriended by a Catholic family. During her stay with them, Mary comes face to face with the ugliness and paranoia within an ‘occupied’ city. In this excerpt, British troops cordon off the neighborhood in which she is living and subject it to a house to house search.”

Congratulations to John A. Brennan, (Memoir Category) winner of the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award


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“Be prepared for a warm welcome to the world of John A Brennan, an unapologetically enthusiastic Irish raconteur who has found his place in the spoken word scene in and around New York City of late. In his book Don’t Die with Regrets, we join the author racing page by prose page through anecdote and apocrypha—poems too—as he invites us to join in his wild embrace of Irish mist-enshrouded historicity.”

George Wallace

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Your rich background of travel, work, thought, and adventure are well represented in Don’t Die with Regrets. References to Bob Marley, Newgrange and others tell the reader that he is in the presence of a writer who is determined not to die with regrets, someone who is motivated to action by the word “impossible.” I am a fan. Thanks for a most engaging reading experience.”

John Walsh, Facilitator

Irish Cultural Society, Garden City, New York

“The author is a master storyteller who has captured memorable moments in life to delight his readers.” 

Long Island Woman Magazine, August Edition


Embrace The Process by Sabrina St. John

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“This devotional journal is a powerful and inspirational tool for anyone navigating the path of recovery. Anyone struggling with addictions can discover and recover their lost self through this deeply personal journey. I would recommend it as a supportive guide in the most essential work of self- renewal.”

 Marian Viviano, LCSW, Psychotherapist

“This journal is a toolbox filled with innovative instruments used to secure a sustainable recovery. It is also a navigational system that clearly charts the way out of the darkness of addiction.”

Lorraine Gibson, D.D., Zion Restoration Ministries


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“Great way to end a work day. This book and a glass of wine.”

Renee Hernandez