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It has been said life is not easy. Yet however cliché it may sound life itself is the gift. It is really a lot like moving swiftly through white water. Sometimes the ride will be smooth, sometimes rocky and treacherous. However challenging, as we travel along the way there is both joy and happiness to be found. For author, Dr. Robert Orr the choices we make, the people we choose to be with on our journey, the person we choose to become determines how much happiness we are likely to find along the way.

ISBN: 979-8735172406 | Paperback | $19.99

About the Book

One part memoir and one part self-help is how some might describe Diane L. Martin’s newest book. The book is targeted to both new and experienced managers whose behavior can only be described as manic, thus, the title speaks for itself.  The damage these managers invoke hurts them, their employees, and their organizations.  According to Martin, “In less time than it takes to consume a ham sandwich, some managers communicate to their newbies that they don’t much care about what happens to them after they are hired. What results is truly tragic. As manic manager strikes again, new employees who are otherwise eager to become productive team players instead become bitter and remorseful.”  Martin, is certified as a Senior Professional in Human Resources with more than 15 years of management experience.

ISBN: 978-1535311724 | Paperback | $19.99

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This book is for anyone interested in learning Microsoft Excel 365 fast. Readers will find the book chock-full of illustrations, directional arrows, and screenshots. Easy to follow step-by-step instructions guide readers through important Excel functions. Included in the text are practice exercises to reinforce chapter lessons, a glossary, large screenshots and directional arrows. Additionally, this edition includes coverage of popular and advanced concepts such as Pivot Tables, Sparklines, Slicers as well as the VLOOKUP, and IF functions.

ISBN: 979-8719511214 | Paperback | $34.99 | 

About the Book

This new fourth edition is targeted to individuals who need to learn Microsoft Office quickly. Coverage includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Microsoft’s email application, Outlook. Readers eager to prepare for using the application at home or in the workplace will find this book covers all the important features necessary to get them up to speed quickly. To facilitate learning, the book also contains more than 100 functions and illustrations. In addition there are more than a dozen practice exercises to help users reinforce newly acquired skills.  Preparing for a new job, presentation or work project is a cinch with Office In A Minute.

ISBN: 979-8676551575 | Paperback | $19.99

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Midwest Book Review’s Diane Donovan writes of Brennan’s latest work “Poetry enthusiasts not wedded to the idea that verse need be measured and fit into a given format will relish John A. Brennan’s diverse collection for its flowing, descriptive language of personal, cultural and physical journeys and for its metaphors and meaning.”

In the Realm of Spirit represents the fourth book in Brennan’s Signature Series. Brennan is a prolific writer and winner of a number of literary awards including the 2015 Next Generation Indie Book Award for his memoir, “Don’t Die with Regrets: Ireland and the Lessons My Father Taught Me”.  In addition, his book “The Journey: A Nomad Reflects” was a 2016 Worldwide Book Excellence Awards finalist – Poetry category.

ISBN: 978-1722290641 | Paperback | $12.95

About the Book

John A. Brennan’s  latest book titled, “Out of the Ice,” is a history of Ireland which starts at the end of the last ice age and chronicles the many and varied cultures that inhabited an infant Ireland. It follows through and recounts many of the little known historic events that shaped Irish culture, century by century. The story poignantly brings the reader to the present day. John’s writings are a representation of a life’s journey and are intended to inspire and inform the reader of a long forgotten Ireland, its connection with the wider world, and the deep-rooted history embedded in the island’s rocks and soil.

ISBN: 978-1548558246 | Paperback | $12.95

About the Book

In 1984 a former editor at the Missouri Review published a five-page excerpt from Mary Bringle’s originally typed manuscript of The Children’s Bullet, and described it as: “the chronicle “of an American woman, Mary Flynn, who is startled from a vaguely empty and dissatisfying life by a newspaper account of the death of a child, also named Mary Flynn, in Belfast. The child has been killed by a plastic bullet, of the type used for riot control. So begins an odyssey into her Irish heritage and into an absorption with the violent social and political upheaval in Northern Ireland. Traveling to Belfast, she is befriended by a Catholic family. During her stay with them, Mary comes face to face with the ugliness and paranoia within an ‘occupied’ city. In this excerpt, British troops cordon off the neighborhood in which she is living and subject it to a house to house search.”

ISBN: 978-0692797099 | Paperback | $16.95

About the Book

Be prepared for a warm welcome to the world of John A Brennan, an unapologetically enthusiastic Irish raconteur who has found his place in the spoken word scene in and around New York City of late. In his book Don’t Die with Regrets, we join the author racing page by prose page through anecdote and apocrypha—poems too—as he invites us to join in his wild embrace of Irish mist-enshrouded historicity.”

          George Wallace, first Poet Laureate, Suffolk, New York

“Your rich background of travel, work, thought, and adventure are well represented in Don’t Die with Regrets. References to Bob Marley, Newgrange and others tell the reader that he is in the presence of a writer who is determined not to die with regrets, someone who is motivated to action by the word “impossible.” I am a fan. Thanks for a most engaging reading experience.”

John Walsh, Facilitator and Editor, Irish Cultural Society, Garden City, New York

ISBN:978-615975863 | Paperback | $14.95

About the Book

What is it about that 11 and ½ inch tall doll Barbie that inspires doll collectors everywhere? Any avid Barbie Doll collector will tell you it is really all about that mesmerizing face, those oh so fabulous fashions, her to-die for real estate, and her wonderful coterie of friends.  She’s the doll that has everything. Read how five collectors from around the country have taken their love of Barbie and created vibrant dioramas depicting various facets of Barbie’s life.

With a little imagination, they have designed and built toy stores, wedding chapels, yoga studios, and merry-go-rounds. With a little help from their smartphones, digital cameras, and personal computers they have put Barbie everywhere from London streets to a NASA launch pad. There are more than 75 colorful illustrations.

ISBN:9780692435922 | Paperback | $ 34.95

About the Book

 From Ancient Ireland to the majesty of the Egyptian pyramids author and poet John A. Brennan tells his life’s journey in a series of melodic rhapsodies. He is by far, a quintessential traveler, philosopher, and composer of rhythmic narrative. Through his poetry, the reader gets to accompany John on an amazing journey that includes Nubia, Chaco Canyon, and the Mayan Ruins. Travel with John as he pays homage to among others, the likes of Cessair, Yeats, Bobby Sands, and Patrick Pearse. John is a winner of the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Award for his memoir “Don’t Die with Regrets, Ireland and the Lessons My Father Taught Me”. Journey was a finalist in the 2016 Worldwide Book Excellence Awards -Poetry category.

ISBN:9780692500941 | Paperback | $12.95

About the Book

This new 2013 edition is targeted to individuals who need and want to learn Microsoft’s Office 2013 quickly. While coverage includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote, new to this third edition is coverage of Microsoft’s email application, Outlook. Readers eager to prepare for using the application in the workplace will find this book covers all the important basics necessary to get them up to speed quickly. Like the author’s 2010 edition, chapter timings, directional arrows and practice exercises have been included to make learning Office both fun and easy to use.

ISBN: 9781535422826 | Paperback | $ 14.95

About the Book

Written as a tutorial for the Microsoft Office novice, and purchaser of its 2010 Office Home and Student edition, the book is chock full of large illustrations and directional arrows designed to take the reader step- by-step through important yet basic steps in using Microsoft Word, Excel, OneNote, and PowerPoint applications. Readers will learn more than 35 different functions per application.

ISBN: 9781479169474| Paperback| $12.95

About the Book

Poetry is melodic expression of emotion, and that is exactly what Between the World and Me (BTWM) offers poetry lovers. Within these pages, three African American poets, Jean Stallings, Diane Martin, and M. Emily have chosen to express themselves in literally one voice.

BTWM is analogous to a three-part symphony. Part I includes And then She Spoke by new poet, Jean Stallings. Part II Revelations written by Diane Martin, and Part III, Perspectives also introduces new poet M. Emily. If you have ever known the anguish of a relationship gone wrong, you will easily understand  these poets of the heart.

ISBN: 9781507695579 | Paperback | $12.95

About the Book

This devotional journal is a powerful and inspirational tool for anyone navigating the path of recovery. Anyone struggling with addictions can discover and recover their lost self through this deeply personal journey. I would recommend it as a supportive guide in the most essential work of self- renewal.

            Marian Viviano, LCSW, Psychotherapist

This journal is a toolbox filled with innovative instruments used to secure a sustainable recovery. It is also a navigational system that clearly charts the way out of the darkness of addiction.”

      Lorraine Gibson, D.D., Zion Restoration Ministries

ISBN: 9780692024492 | Paperback | $12.95

About the Book

This easy to read primer is targeted to older adults who have little to no experience with the Internet and are eager to get their hands on a basic book about all things Internet. Using a step-by-step approach, the author, a computer instructor with more than 15 years of experience, guides readers through Internet concepts, vocabulary and available resources. Readers will learn how to use search engines, download data, identify social media sites, and set-up and use an email account. Each chapter includes hands-on practice exercises to reinforce newly acquired skills.

ISBN: 9780985683788 | Paperback| $12.95

About the Book

If you have ever been in love, broken-hearted, or otherwise loved the wrong someone, you will understand the journey of author, Chantal Ogaldez. KimBlaQue, the real Chantal summons readers into her heart and soul through poetry. Ogaldez understands what it means to be truly vulnerable, truly exposed and then shattered by the very love one expects to embrace. Her poetry may be characterized at times, as raw, emotional, urban, and gritty.

Added to the text are the illustrations of Sharon Cunningham. Sharon has captured the solemnity of the KimBlaQue experience by using the New York City landscape as a backdrop. Both women are truly artists and this collaboration creates remarkable stories through both poetry and photography.

ISBN: 978-0615949055|Paperback | $12.95 

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