Life Is A Gift, Enjoy It

An Autobiography by Dr. Robert C. Orr

It has been said life is not easy. Yet however cliché it may sound life itself is the gift. It is really a lot like moving swiftly through white water. Sometimes the ride will be smooth, sometimes rocky and treacherous. However challenging, as we travel along the way there is both joy and happiness to be found. For author, Dr. Robert Orr the choices we make, the people we choose to be with on our journey, the person we choose to become determines how much happiness we are likely to find along the way.

More importantly, for Orr where we start out in this life need not define where we wind up. In his autobiography Dr. Orr shares the many challenges he has had to face throughout his life. From poverty to racism to the loss of his father he managed to not only survive but to both thrive and find happiness. His journey of self-discovery, persistence and success is nothing less than inspiring.

Available Summer 2021

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