What is involved and how long does it take to publish a book?

Answer:  It really depends on the author, and how much editing the book requires. However, we strive to move the work from manuscript to book production within 60 to 120 days.

Why does Escribe charge a fee?

Answer: Escribe provides a number of services for its authors. We handle editing, book cover design, printing, and publication services. In addition, our services also include some marketing. We are part of a new trend in independent book publishing in which both publisher and author are engaged in a collaborative effort. Both parties are required to invest the time and energy necessary to produce the final product. As an independent book publisher, we incur several up-front costs related to the production of the book. Such costs may include, for example, licensing or designing images for both the cover and interior of the book. In addition, we incur printing, and copy-editing costs as well. Larger, more traditional firms are highly capitalized. They have large budgets, and recover these costs on the back end through post-publication sales to consumers. For this reason their selection of books for publication is highly competitive. If you have the skills necessary for book design, editing, word-processing, and layout, then you might consider publishing a book on your own. If not, Escribe Publishing’s affordable solutions could be the solution for you. Be advised that some projects may not be fee-based. To learn more, email us at info@escribepublishing.com.

It’s taken me years, but I have finally finished writing my memoir. Can you help me with getting it ready for publication?

Answer: We certainly can help you polish and finish your memoir.  A memoir is not only a gift to yourself but to your legacy as well.  We can help you with publication and provide guidance on promoting it as well.

 I am a teacher, why should I consider writing a book?             

 Answer: Whether you are a college professor or grade school teacher, you have amassed a tremendous amount of experience in classroom management, curriculum, subject matter, and perhaps technology. Think about how you can take what you have learned and share it with new teachers. This is what contributing to the greater good is really all about.

How will my book be sold and marketed?

 Answer: When your book is ready for publication, it will be listed for sale on the websites of most online book resellers including Amazon.com. In addition, our services include the preparation of marketing materials tailored to your book. We  can also assist you with organizing a signing party to create buzz and excitement over your new book.

I am a photographer and never really thought about creating a book. How could putting a book together be of value to me?

Answer: Obviously creating a book will depend on the size and theme involved in your photography. However, publishing a collection of your photography makes your work easier to share with prospective clients. Escribe can assist you with identifying a unifying theme and identifying the best context for publishing and marketing your work.

Can you describe the publishing process?

Answer:  Once we receive a manuscript, an initial reading is done and then the manuscript is sent to a copy-editor. A manuscript is subjected to several rounds of editing. The publishing process also involves the layout of the book’s interior, and the design of the front and back covers. At Escribe, this really is a collaborative experience. The author and the Escribe representative work together throughout the entire publishing process. When we say collaborative, we mean it. Our authors are expected to take an active role in reviewing and proofreading once their galley has been produced.


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