Getting a book published can feel like climbing a mountain without a guide. The climb however is worth the effort because publishing a book enables authors to establish credibility in their field of interest. Moreover, through publication authors can contribute to the public good. Informing, inspiring and teaching can make a real difference in the lives of your readers. As an added benefit, successful authors can also earn royalties on the sales of their books and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing their books in libraries and bookstores.

At Escribe we work with you and guide you throughout the publishing process. Our literary services includes editing, cover design, layout and publication of your book. See the list below. Our work also includes making your book available for sale on and other online book resellers in the United Sates, Australia, the European Union, Great Britain, Japan, Canada, and a number of other countries around the world.

We are part of a new trend in independent book publishing in which both publisher and author are engaged in a collaborative effort. Both parties are required to invest the time and energy necessary to produce the final product. Through Escribe, your professionally bound book becomes a source of pride and achievement you will cherish for years to come.

Pricing for our literary services is affordable, and payments may be made in convenient installments.

Our literary services include the following:

  1. ISBN acquisition
  2. Library of Congress Control Number acquisition
  3. Basic editing
  4. Book cover design
  5. Printing
  6. Distribution
  7. Press kits (includes press releases and complimentary author copies)
  8. Book detail sheets (for distribution to libraries and bookstores)
  9. Personalized Author Visibility (marketing) plans
  10. Social media promotion
  11. Promotion on our website
  12. Marketing services

Contact an Escribe representative today for more information about how we can help you turn your dream of publishing a book into a reality.

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